Side Events


Organizer Enginyers Industrials de Catalunya (EIC)
Date and time 15 March from 08:45 am to 13:30 pm
Location COEIC Building – Via Layetana 43 – Sala Pompeu Fabra
Registration Open event – 20€ for BRW participants.
Language English, Spanish and Catalan
Description The Energy Commission of the College of Industrial Engineers (EIC) has organized this event to find out more about the concept of resilience and its impact in the Catalan territory. It is intended for engineers and other professionals related to the management of urban environments and networks of infrastructures and will meet needs, business opportunities and specific tools for the management and decision making. More information.
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Date and time From 14/3 until 2/4
Location SALA PICASSO. Col.legi d’Arquitectes de Catalunya. Plaça Nova, 5. Barcelona
Registration Open event
Language English
Description The Designing Resilience in Asia (DRIA) Programme organized by the Department of Architecture of the National University of Singapore was initiated with the objective to promote and foster a substantive discussion about innovative ideas and propositions pertaining to the resiliency of Asian cities in light of the region’s environmental vulnerability and the exponential growth of its cities.

The unique platform of the DRIA International Symposium and Design Competition brings together 10 prominent universities from Asia, Australia, Europe, and North America and the best minds from across the world to promote innovation and to analyze and collaborate on creative solutions to help improve recovery efforts for global natural disasters.

This exhibition shows the 2015 DRIA competition results highlighting the role of urban design, architecture and building technologies in enhancing Asian cities resiliency to natural disaster situations.

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Organizer Opticits Ingenieria Urbana S.L (HAZUR) and Anteverti.
Date and time 17th March from 11:00 am to 13:00 pm
Location Sant Pau Art Nouveau Site 
Registration Open event
Language English
Description In the last 10 years, the concept of Smart City has emerged as an umbrella integrating different strategies and solutions to solve urban problems. At the same time, to make urban areas more resilient against city impacts, Urban Resilience has been considered as one of the main challenges in the global urban agenda. Bringing together this two conversations is a disruptive way to improve the capacity of a city, as a system of systems, to be prepared to absorb, recover quickly from the impact of any shock or stress, maintain continuity of services and finally learn from crises.

Today we focus on the smart and the resilient city in serving people, their needs, their habits and their cultures, the real engine and soul of the city. The smart and resilient city should consider from the beginning to work collaboratively and involve all the city stakeholders as they are all active players in building urban resilience, what is called “Co-City”.

In this workshop teams from Anteverti and Hazur (Opticits) will introduce Smart and Resilience concepts to facilitate that the participants share and evaluate their own city cases throughout an open discussion and a practical trial of an innovative tool.


  • Welcome and Presentations
  • Introduction to new Smart City approaches and Resilience tools.
  • Case Studies and proposal cases from the participants
  • Work in groups on real city cases.
  • Conclusions     
Contact person Ignasi Fontanals –

Organizer The secretariat of the Medellín Collaboration on Urban Resilience (MCUR)
Date and time 15 March from 11:00 am to 13:00 pm
Location Sant Pau Art Nouveau Site – Pau Gil Auditorium
Registration Open event
Language English
Description The secretariat of the Medellín Collaboration on Urban Resilience (MCUR) has organised this side event with the primary purpose of advancing the common, stated aim of the MCUR¾ to bring more cohesion and accessibility to the variety of tools currently available or under different stages of implementation by MCUR partners.

The objectives of the event will be to provide an overview and update of the relevant resilience tools from several MCUR organisations to address urban resilience. An open discussion will follow, centred on the highlights drawn from the presentations.

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